Renew, update, replace or cancel a card

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Changed your name?

If you have changed your name, you need to register your new name with Centrelink before you can update your details and order your replacement Carer Business Discount Card.

If you have already registered your new name with Centrelink, you can update your details and order a new card by:

Are you a foster or kinship carer?

Foster and kinship carers do not need to renew their Carer Business Discount Card. You will continue to receive a new card when previous cards expire as long as you remain approved as a foster or kinship carer.

If any of your details have changed, including your name, address or phone number, you will need to inform your Child Safety Service Centre, and arrangements will be made to update your Carer Business Discount Card details accordingly.

You can apply for a replacement card online if your Carer Business Discount Card has been lost, stolen or damaged.