What can I do to support carers?

Carers dedicate so much of their time caring for someone who needs their assistance that they may not take the time to care for themselves. Here are some ways that you can support a carer.

  • Everyone needs a good support network to have a chat and talk through a problem – maintain your relationships with carers and the person they care for.
  • Create a circle of support. This is a group of people who come together to protect and advance the interests of someone living with disability into the future, such as family, friends and other people interested in being involved in the person’s life in the long term and helping them to achieve their hopes and dreams.
  • Provide practical assistance such as helping with household chores.
  • Offer to assist with grocery shopping or purchase of medications when out and about.
  • Take the carer out for morning tea or visit them to give them a break from their caring duties.
  • Offer to look after the person they care for to give a carer some time to themselves to undertake an activity or exercise.
  • Offer support if the carer wishes to learn a new skill or undertake training.
  • If you are an employer of a carer, offer them flexible work practices to fit around their schedule.
  • Organise a pampering session for the carer at home.
  • Watch a funny movie together.