Renewing your licence—travelling interstate or overseas

If you are travelling or temporarily residing interstate or  overseas, you may be able to renew your Queensland  driver licence by mail. You can do this up to 6 weeks before your licence  expires.

You can also renew your licence online, check to see if you can use this service.

You will not be able  to renew your driver licence by mail if:

  • your driver licence expired more than 5 years ago
  • your driver licence is currently cancelled or suspended
  • you are currently disqualified from holding or getting a driver licence in Australia or any other country.

How to renew your licence by mail

Step 1: Download the interstate or overseas licence renewal kit

The interstate  or overseas driver licence renewal kit consists of:

  • instructions and application checklist
  • driver licence application form
  • specimen signature form
  • temporary residence statement—interstate or overseas
  • medical certificate for motor vehicle driver
  • evidence of identity requirements for individuals.

Step 2: Complete the driver licence application form

You will need to complete  all sections of the driver licence application form.

You must sign this form in the presence of an approved witness,  or local equivalent:

  • doctor
  • police officer
  • solicitor
  • barrister or judge
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Commissioner for Declarations
  • notary public
  • consular or ambassadorial officer.

Make sure you have your photographs (step 5) and a photocopy  of your current Queensland  driver licence (step 6) ready for signing at the same time.

Step 3: Complete the specimen signature form

You need to print this form on A4 white paper to make sure  it is the correct size for digital imaging of your signature.

Make sure you complete all sections of the form and sign  your name in both specimen signature  boxes.

Step 4: Complete the temporary residence statement

You need to complete a temporary residence statement interstate  or overseas form.  The declaration must  be signed by you in the presence of an approved witness (see step 2).

Step 5: Medical certificate (if required)

You need to provide a medical certificate if you are 75  years of age or older, or you have a mental or physical incapacity that may adversely  affect your ability to drive safely.

You should complete the private and commercial vehicle  driver’s health assessment form together with part 1 of the medical certificate  for motor vehicle driver form before visiting your doctor.

Your doctor will complete the medical certificate and return  it to you for lodgement with your application.

Step 6: Photos

You must provide 2 identical colour photos. You will need to  get an approved witness (see step 2) to sign and endorse the back of both  photos. The words that must be used are ‘I certify this is a true photograph of  [applicant’s name] in my presence’.

The photos must be:

  • 35mm wide by 45mm long in size and must not be more than 6 months old
  • passport quality—automatic machine photographs, such as those taken from a photo booth, are not acceptable
  • printed on high quality paper, at a resolution of 600dpi or higher
  • must not be digitally altered or manipulated, for example photo editing to remove spots.

Glasses or sunglasses must be removed for the photo, even if  normally worn for driving.

Further information about the photo requirements is provided  in the kit.

Step 7: Evidence of identity

You will need to include a photocopy of your current Queensland driver  licence. If you can’t provide this, you will need to provide 3 forms of  identity documents.

If you have changed your name, or the details of your name  are different on your identification documents, you will need to supply extra evidence  of your name change.

The photocopies of your evidence of identity documents must  be signed and endorsed with the words ’I have sighted the original document and  certify this to be a true copy of the original’ by an approved witness (see  step 2).

Step 8: Pay the required fees

If you are interstate, you can pay by cheque or money order.

If you are overseas, the fee must be paid  by a personal or bank cheque in Australian dollars and be from an Australian  affiliated bank. Your fee will depend on how long you want to renew your licence for.

The cheque or money order must be made payable to the  Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Do not send cash.

Alternatively, the fee may be paid directly into your  account, which is linked to your driver licence number, at a transport  and motoring customer service centre, QGAP office or police  station.

If you choose to have someone pay the fee directly into your  account at a driver licensing issuing centre, the fee must be paid before you  send the completed application to us.

Step 9: Submit your application

There is a checklist in the driver licence renewal kit. When  you have prepared your application, go through the checklist and make sure you  have included everything. This will prevent delays in your licence renewal  application being processed.

Mail your completed  application, including supporting documents and the licence fee, to:

Department of Transport and Main Roads
The Manager
Dalby Customer Service Centre
PO Box 767

A new licence will be sent to you when we have successfully processed your licence renewal. If you have signed up for e-reminders and e-notices we will email you when your licence is posted and will send you a reminder when it's due to be renewed next time.